Do you want to use WordPress to create courses and manage classes? One of our readers recently inquired about how to integrate a learning management system into WordPress. In this article, we’ll show you how to use WP Courseware to add a learning management system to WordPress, allowing you to run courses, manage classes and students, track progress, and more.

Why Should You Use WP Courseware as Your WordPress LMS?

The majority of website owners who want to incorporate a learning management system into their sites are not programmers or coders. You require a solution that handles all complex programming and coding in the background. WP Courseware excels at this.

WP Courseware is extremely simple to install and manage.
It includes an unlimited number of courses, lessons, quizzes, surveys, and students.
It’s as simple as dragging and dropping to create courses and lessons.
WP Courseware works seamlessly with the majority of the most popular WordPress membership plugins. On your website, you can sell courses with memberships.
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It also works with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, so you can sell courses as products.
The plugin’s website contains extensive documentation and support. Everything is well covered, from basic setup to advanced integrations.

How to Begin Using WP Courseware

The first step will be to install and activate the WP Courseware plugin.

WP Courseware is a premium plugin that costs $99 for two sites with one year of support and updates.

Adding New Courses

WP Courseware will add two new menu items to your WordPress admin menu, Training Courses and Course Units. Your courses and modules will be designed in training courses. Course units are the actual lessons for your course.
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To create your first course, go to Training Courses » Add Course.

Give your course a name and a description. Following that, you must decide whether you want all course units visible to users or just the next course unit in the line.

Using the next unit in line option prevents students from viewing the next course unit until they have completed the previous unit.

Don’t forget to save your settings by clicking the Save All Details button.

Other tabs will appear on the add new course window. You can change the messages and emails that your students will receive when they enrol in this course using these tabs.

Module Development

A module is a collection of course units that have been grouped together. A module can contain lessons from a series. Each training course can have an unlimited number of modules.
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Simply visit Training Courses » Add Module to start adding your course modules. Enter a title for the module, a training course, and the module description.

Including Course Units

Course Units are individual lessons in WP Courseware that can be part of any module or training course. To create your first course unit, go to Course Units » Add New.

You’ll be taken to a basic post-edit screen where you can create your course unit. You can add text, audio/video, images, and attachments to this post in the same way that you would to any other WordPress post. When you’re finished editing the course unit, click the Publish button.
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The course units you create here are not yet included in any training course or module. We’ll get to that part later.

Including Quizzes

WP Courseware includes quizzes and a survey. These quizzes can be used in conjunction with any module or training course. You can even make a student take a quiz before moving on to the next module or training course. Simply go to Training Courses » Add Quiz/Survey and fill out the form.

You must first provide a title and description for the quiz/survey. Following that, you must select a Quiz Type. There are three modes to choose from: survey mode, quiz mode – blocking, and quiz mode non-blocking.

By selecting quiz mode – blocking as your quiz type, users will be required to pass the quiz in order to progress to the next module or training course.

Then, navigate to the Quiz Behavior Settings tab. This is where you can configure the quiz’s passing percentage, quiz attempts, and time limit.

After you save your quiz settings, the questions toolbar will appear on the right. You can include multiple choice, true false, and open ended questions. You can allow users to upload documents as answers to quizzes.

When you’ve finished adding questions to your quiz, click the save all settings and questions button to save it.

Including Quizzes and Course Units in Modules and Courses

After you’ve finished creating your quizzes and course units, it’s time to incorporate them into your training courses and modules. Simply go to the Training Courses page to see a list of all your training courses. Under the actions column, select the modules, units, and quiz ordering button.

This will take you to the screen where you can order course modules and units. Drag and drop the course units and quizzes to the modules from here.



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